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Department of Linguistics

Australian English: Pronunciation and Transcription

Felicity Cox

Cambridge University Press, 2012.


Chapter 4

Exercise 4B Exercise 4K
Exercise 4C Exercise 4L
Exercise 4D Exercise 4M
Exercise 4E Exercise 4N
Exercise 4F Exercise 4O
Exercise 4G Exercise 4Pa) Diagnostic Sentences
Exercise 4H Exercise 4Pe)i. North Wind and the Sun
Exercise 4I Exercise 4Pe)ii. The Rainbow Passage
Exercise 4J Exercise 4Pe)iii. Arthur the Rat


Exercise 4B
a. audio strength g. audio Kojak
b. audio crease h. audio shutter
c. audio walk i. audio boxing
d. audio flashing j. audio mystery
e. audio knees k. audio illusion
f. audio those l. audio music
Exercise 4C
a. audio sculpt b. audio yellow c. audio cheap d. audio giant
  audio twelve   audio yacht   audio furniture   audio lodge
  audio golf   audio canyon   audio poach   audio agent
  audio ladle   audio junior   audio watches   audio page
  audio loyal   audio million   audio cello   audio jam
  audio follow   audio music   audio natural   audio angel
e. audio potato f. audio growth g. audio tax h. audio anxious
  audio taxi   audio thirsty   audio best   audio national
  audio walked   audio both   audio sword   audio special
  audio letter   audio think   audio phonetics   audio sugar
  audio crept   audio pithy   audio perhaps   audio machine
  audio train   audio birthday   audio whistle   audio ship
i. audio whole j. audio smooth k. audio casual l. audio tomorrow
  audio haughty   audio this   audio beige   audio trick
  audio behold   audio mother   audio fusion   audio already
  audio hopeful   audio teethe   audio pleasure   audio rapid
  audio rehash   audio either   audio occasion   audio hurry
  audio help   audio though   audio usual   audio scrape
Exercise 4D
a. audio heel g. audio vowel
b. audio pride h. audio beacon
c. audio anger i. audio butter
d. audio wash j. audio hijack
e. audio note k. audio cushion
f. audio naughty l. audio watches

Exercise 4E
a. audio eat b. audio catch c. audio foolish d. audio door
  audio bead   audio unravel   audio rude   audio autumn
  audio mean   audio canteen   audio view   audio hall
  audio city   audio hand   audio shoe   audio saw
  audio evil   audio banish   audio ooze   audio explore
  audio ski   audio cabbage   audio tomb   audio shore
e. audio hood f. audio crow g. audio round h. audio certain
  audio pull   audio home   audio hour   audio girl
  audio woman   audio know   audio allow   audio earth
  audio push   audio only   audio pout   audio rehearse
  audio should   audio SnowWhite   audio howl   audio further
  audio pudding   audio phone   audio foul   audio worm
i. audio path j. audio well k. audio women l. audio other
  audio Arthur   audio bread   audio hymn   audio jumped
  audio alarm   audio tennis   audio busy   audio does
  audio father   audio many   audio lift   audio hull
  audio sergeant   audio treasure   audio ninja   audio nothing
  audio palm   audio fiend   audio plastic   audio scrunched
Exercise 4F
a. audio condemn f. audio commute
b. audio buttoning g. audio adjust
c. audio gallop h. audio guitar
d. audio adapt i. audio spider
e. audio kazoo j. audio delete

Exercise 4G
1.     2.     3.     4.    
a. audio talcum a. audio cobra a. audio amid a. audio abound
b. audio umbrellas b. audio serrated b. audio boxes b. audio syrup
c. audio opal c. audio rhapsody c. audio arrive c. audio probable
d. audio Amelia d. audio broker d. audio suffocate d. audio bushes
e. audio panda e. audio tomorrow e. audio roses e. audio Europe
f. audio Alan f. audio limber f. audio rushes f. audio begin
g. audio today g. audio collision g. audio bishop g. audio Asia
h. audio delta h. audio polar h. audio atone h. audio alpha
i. audio gossip i. audio grammar i. audio alias i. audio support
j. audio corrosion j. audio lapel j. audio computer j. audio photographer
Exercise 4H
1.     2.     3.     4.    
a. audio avert a. audio tighten a. audio anger a. audio pasta
b. audio raven b. audio target b. audio thinner b. audio carrot
c. audio prefer c. audio cemetary c. audio conductor c. audio habit
d. audio pattern d. audio mallet d. audio rider d. audio compute
e. audio deserve e. audio harness e. audio Saturn e. audio parrot
f. audio approach f. audio anchor f. audio pastor f. audio rabid
g. audio apart g. audio eaten g. audio abbot g. audio ferret
h. audio locket h. audio father h. audio furthest h. audio report
i. audio iron i. audio agent i. audio merit i. audio today
j. audio exit j. audio scamper j. audio suggest j. audio describe
k. audio flower k. audio waiver k. audio rabbit k. audio amount
l. audio master l. audio rapid l. audio prejudice l. audio enough

Exercise 4I
1.     2.     3.     4.    
a. audio orthodox a. audio cauliflower a. audio balcony a. audio cantaloupe
b. audio earthly b. audio predicament b. audio conspicuous b. audio hacker
c. audio greenhouse c. audio anonymous c. audio amphibian c. audio elaborate
d. audio Adelaide d. audio alfalfa d. audio opportune d. audio accelerate
e. audio miniscule e. audio museum e. audio mercenary e. audio epidemic
f. audio procrastinate f. audio paranoia f. audio souvenir f. audio alien
g. audio generalise g. audio bazooka g. audio aquarium g. audio accuser
h. audio iodine h. audio macaroni h. audio masquerade h. audio serenade
i. audio Halloween i. audio manufacture i. audio tangerine i. audio mascara
j. audio anaemia j. audio kangaroo j. audio armadillo j. audio liberate
5.     6.     7.     8.    
a. audio alibi a. audio cafe a. audio equaliser a. audio happily
b. audio absent b. audio consume b. audio evaporate b. audio helicopter
c. audio cemetary c. audio absentee c. audio exterior c. audio hurricane
d. audio adapt d. audio clarinet d. audio feminine d. audio incoherent
e. audio bassinet e. audio dandelion e. audio lemonade e. audio neighbour
f. audio athletic f. audio deactivate f. audio forecast f. audio insulate
g. audio paragraph g. audio disagree g. audio missionary g. audio liberation
h. audio circumstances h. audio disapproval h. audio gallop h. audio nectarine
i. audio bikini i. audio discourteous i. audio giant i. audio malfunction
j. audio bombard j. audio earthy j. audio guitar j. audio feminism
9.     10.     11.     12.    
a. audio martini a. audio steamer a. audio salamander a. audio advertise
b. audio mispronounce b. audio porcelain b. audio subdivide b. audio highway
c. audio mighty c. audio porcupine c. audio abundant c. audio Australia
d. audio rainbow d. audio potassium d. audio rodeo d. audio underwear
e. audio obtain e. audio strengthen e. audio sterile e. audio tiger
f. audio obedient f. audio preferably f. audio condescending f. audio victorious
g. audio optimism g. audio proclaim g. audio vegemite g. audio avian
h. audio caution h. audio sarcastic h. audio spider h. audio canine
i. audio peninsula i. audio prolong i. audio unclean i. audio gallery
j. audio recording j. audio qualify j. audio trombone j. audio undercurrent
Exercise 4J
1.     2.     3.     4.    
a. audio vigil a. audio chicken a. audio gravel a. audio raffle
b. audio angle b. audio sudden b. audio battle b. audio coffin
c. audio horrible c. audio bevel c. audio pestle c. audio axle
d. audio cousin d. audio hackle d. audio ethyl d. audio Sweden
e. audio alum e. audio readable e. audio Neville e. audio poison
f. audio subtle f. audio often f. audio special f. audio solemn
g. audio brazen g. audio carol g. audio jaffle g. audio lotion
h. audio trample h. audio hassle h. audio Ethan h. audio Willem
i. audio nasal i. audio dabble i. audio pedal i. audio phantom
j audio dapple j. audio pebble j. audio cabin j. audio ankle
k. audio Athol k. audio petal k. audio fathom k. audio bottom
Exercise 4K
a. audio They were hoping to see his band play last night.
b. audio Her dog is white with some black spots.
c. audio Karen walked away from the open window.
d. audio Christmas carols remind me of my childhood in the country.
e. audio That vase looks just like Aladdin’s lamp.

Exercise 4L
a. audio I saw him chasing her round the yard.
b. audio Now is the time for all of us to get down to studying.
c. audio Whenever I eat dinner our Alsatian dog begs for food.
d. audio Over at the park Nancy saw a man in a yellow and grey overcoat.
e. audio Mum bought the raw ingredients for mince pies.
Exercise 4M
1.     2.     3.     4.    
a. audio smitten a. audio precipitate a. audio detrimental a. audio certainty
b. audio fanatical b. audio photographic b. audio coronation b. audio methodical
c. audio accommodation c. audio unbroken c. audio diabetes c. audio obsession
d. audio satin d. audio lighthouse d. audio outdoors d. audio unbelievable
e. audio cattle e. audio billion e. audio influenza e. audio escalator
f. audio cotton f. audio carbuncle f. audio tomato f. audio alligator
g. audio outshine g. audio constellation g. audio anatomy g. audio caterpillar

Exercise 4N
a. audio Lisa and Kim loved to ski in Italy.
b. audio Prince Harry opened their art exhibition while the audience cheered.
c. audio We’ll eat most of her cake tonight.
d. audio Those buttons always come undone.
e. audio Have you seen those guys riding their paddleboards out in the ocean?
Exercise 4O
a. audio At Christmas time our family tradition is to play cricket in the backyard.
b. audio Amelia’s holiday in Venice was certainly exciting.
c. audio We found bright green handmade soap at the markets.
d. audio My last job was to collect shells.
e. audio They erected a wooden plaque to commemorate Tom’s victory.
f. audio I saw him exactly six months ago today.
g. audio Would you be annoyed if I watched Tracey and not Karen?
h. audio You might get a cold if you’re not careful.
i. audio Caroline was convinced that this shack was haunted.
j. audio The postman was bitten by the old black dog next door.
Exercise 4P
a) Diagnostic Sentences
a. audio The children were busy building bridges and pretty women solved mysteries near damaged eucalypts.
b. audio These city people eat eel while police seize debris from the fields.
c. audio Her pen friend said she met many leopards leisurely headed west for better weather.
d. audio

The millionaire didn’t care that his scared heir was wary of prayer.

e. audio

Jan’s cat scratched my hand while attacking dancing Atlantic salmon.

f. audio In a bizarre heart-stopping farce, father laughed as the guard’s car started down the path after Aunt Marge.
g. audio

The couple lunched with their son under the floodlights at the front of the punt.

h. audio On John’s yacht we scoffed hot sausages and watched the seagulls quarrel and cough.
i. audio

The court order warned that we all ought to obey the law and walk out the door before we’re caught.

j. audio

Should the courier wolf down the full pudding the good woman cooked?

k. audio

Two news crews who queued for food got beautiful fruit on Tuesday.

l. audio Colonel Byrne turned a perfect first sojourn into the worst journey on Earth.
m. audio

The foreign composers, Beryl and Michael, promised to write another thoroughly awesome anthem about the mountains.

n. audio Waiting for the ballet matinee they tasted champagne and ate steak in a cafe.
o. audio The island choir might guide us in style through a night of fine dining.
p. audio

Roy’s lawyer was buoyed by the boiled oyster.

q. audio

Clowns ploughing the ground are now outlawed in our town.

r. audio

Joe sews old coats and knows a bowl of cocoa soothes the soul.

s. audio The weird bearded seer heard cheering near the pier.

Exercise 4Pe) i. North Wind and The Sun

Exercise 4Pe) ii. Rainbow Passage

Exercise 4Pe) iii. Arthur the Rat