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Department of Linguistics


Research Funding

  1. 2011-2017 ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders, Director: Stephen Crain. Chief Investigators: Crain, Castles, Coltheart, Hodges (UNSW), Rhodes (UWA), Demuth, Nickels, Thompson, Thornton. Associate Investigators: Cox, Harrison, Johnson, Mannell, McMahon (plus additional associate investigators). $21,000,000
  2. 2010, Macquarie University Research Infrastructure Block Grants (RIBG), Sowman, Finkbeiner, Crain, Harrison, Cox, Brock, Savage, Johnson, Friedman, Mannell, "A dual pulse magnetic stimulator for the study of brain excitation and inhibition in human movement studies", $75,000
  3. 2009, Macquarie Strategic Infrastructure Scheme, Coltheart, Crain, Thompson, Stevenson, Savage, McMahon, Mannell, Cox, Williams, Rich, Finkbeiner, Polermo, Johnson, "MEG polygraphic equipment", $40,039
  4. 2007-2014, Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training Co-operative Research Centres Programme, Title: "The Hearing Co-operative Research Centre", Core participants: Macquarie University, The University of Melbourne, Cochlear Ltd., Siemens Hearing Instruments Pty Ltd., Australian Hearing. (Macquarie University participants, McMahon, Crain, Newall, Mannell), $28,700,000
  5. 2004, IELTS research Grant, Carey, Mannell and Brindley, " Inter-examiner variation due to interlanguage phonology accommodation in the pronunciation section of the IELTS speaking test", $23,600
  6. 2003-2004, Macquarie University Research Development Scheme, Mannell, Newall, " Development and evaluation of a diagnostic test battery for Australian children with auditory processing disorder", $11,000
  7. 2000, Syrinx Speech Systems, Mannell, "Grapheme-to-phoneme resource development" , $24,000
  8. 1996-1998 ARC Small Grants, Mannell, "A hybrid concatenation and rule-based approach to the synthesis of intensity parameters in formant and channel speech synthesis systems.", $20,900
  9. 1996 MURG, Mannell, "Automatic generation of letter-to-sound rules from a dictionary database", $2,500
  10. 1995 ARC Mechanism A, Cassidy, Harrington, Mannell and Peters, "Programming support for speech and text database management software", $20,000
  11. 1991 MURG, Mannell, "Acoustic modelling criteria for speech synthesis: Consequences for an auditory (psychoacoustic) model of speech perception" $1,500
  12. 1991-1993 ARC, Harrington, Mannell and Clark, "The acoustic basis of the strong/weak vowel distinction in the automatic recognition of continuous speech", $130,000
  13. 1991-1992 ARC, Mannell, Harrington and Clark, "Conversion of printed text-to-speech by large unit concatenation using auditory model based synthesis", $62,000
  14. 1990 to 1993 OTC Contract, Clark, Mannell and Harrington, "Development of a rule based system to produce high quality Australian English speech from printed text." $760,000
  15. 1989-90 MURG, Clark and Mannell, "Acoustic modelling criteria for speech synthesis", $2,530
  16. 1988-1990 ARGS/ARC, Clark and Mannell, "Development of a rule based system to produce high quality Australian English speech from printed text", $78,903
  17. 1988 MURG, Clark and Mannell, "Development of a rule based system to produce high quality Australian English speech from printed text." (supplement to the 1988 ARGS grant), $10,000

Teaching Development Grants

  1. 2002-2004, Macquarie University Flagship Grant, Mannell, Cox, Barker, Armstrong, Palethorpe, Tent, Knox and Carey "Phonetic and phonological teaching and learning resources for phonetics, speech pathology, applied linguistics and speech technology", $40,000
  2. 1996, Cassidy, Mannell and Yallop, Xlisp-Stat as a Netscape Plugin. Macquarie University Teaching Development Grant. $9899
  3. 1996-1998 Macquarie University Flagship Grant (Harrington, Cassidy and Mannell), Harrington, Cassidy, Mannell, "WWW based teaching for the Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Sciences programme", $82,000