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Department of Linguistics


Second Language Phonetics and Phonology

Second language phonetics and phonology is a theme running through some of my projects as well as being a major theme in the projects of some of my current and former research students.

My former PhD student, Michael Carey, completed a dissertation in 2003 entitled "An L1-specific CALL pedagogy for the instruction of pronunciation with Korean learners of English".

Subsequently, Michael Carey and I have carried out funded research (funded by IELTS) on aspects of oral proficiency interviews.

Another former PhD student, Kwok-Cheung Ho, completed a dissertation in 2001 entitled "A study of Cantonese speaking teachers’ acquisition of the pronunciation of Putonghua (Mandarin)"

Current PhD student, Yoshito Hirozane, is working on a project which examines perceived rate of utterance of English speech by Japanese learners of English.

A project, whose aim is to develop Phonetic and phonological teaching and learning resources has as one of its goals the development of materials for the teaching L2 English phonetic transcription.

My major project on Vowel Perceptual Space Mapping has as one of its goals an examination of the perception of English vowels by learners of English.

Relevant Papers

Carey, M.D., Mannell, R.H., and Dunn, P.K. (accepted for publication, in press) "Does a rater's familiarity with a candidate's pronunciation affect the rating in oral proficiency interviews?", Language Testing

Carey, M., and Mannell, R. (2009) "The contribution of interlanguage phonology accommodation to inter-examiner variation in the rating of pronunciation in oral proficiency interviews", IELTS Research Reports, 9, 217-236