Robert Mannell

The locations of all caves that I refer to or write about on the Web are purposely given vague locations. In reproduced articles I have made cave locations even vaguer than it was in the original articles.

Caves can take many tens of thousands of years to form but can be destroyed by thoughtless or vandalistic acts in one hour. Caves do not form rapidly and may take five to ten times current recorded human history to regenerate reasonably, assuming they are left untouched by humans for many thousands of years. On the scale of recorded human history the statement of the Australian Speleological Federation (ASF) in its document on Minimal Impact Caving is completely accurate:-

"What we have now is all there will ever be - Conserve Australia's Caves."

The following ASF policy is to be found in its Code of Ethics and Conservation document:-

4.4 Consideration should be given before publishing an article disclosing a cave's location, as to its intended audience, the wishes of the landowner and/or management authority, and the subsequent effect on the cave.

If you wish to obtain the precise location of any caves mentioned in any web document of mine then I suggest that you visit the ASF Clubs and Organisations web page, find the contact details for your local ASF affiliated caving club, and go caving with them.