Nangwarry Sandstone Caves
Plan Map #4: Kangaroo Cave
and western end of Fooncey's-Weta Cave
Labyrinth 3, September 1973, p19

Kangaroo Cave:- Surveyed to CRG 6 on 7/9/73 by Robert Mannell(UNSWSS, NSWITSS) and Susan Reid
Surface Traverse:- Surveyed to CRG 6 by Graeme Ferguson (UNSWSS)
Cliff entrance: Surveyed to CRG 6 on 20/4/73 byGary Mathews (UNSWSS)
Bowditch Adjusted

Fooncey's-Weta Cave (Fooncey's Branch):- Surveyed to CRG 6 on 7/4/73 by Peter Radcliffe (UNSWSS) and Robert Mannell.

Drawn 7/10/73 by Robert Mannell

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