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Department of Linguistics


Research Students

I have supervised a number of research students who have been awarded a Ph.D. or a M.A.(Hons). They are:-

  1. Yoshito Hirozane, (2013). Perception of speech rate by Japanese L2 speakers of English, Ph.D.
  2. Vijay Mohan Raaja Marimuthu, (2013). Pitch Perception In Cochlear Implants, Ph.D. (Associate Supervisor: Bill Thompson, Adjunct Supervisor: Brett Swanson)
  3. Saeed Saad AlSurf, (2013). The Phonetics of the Qur'anic pharyngealised sounds: Acoustic and Articulatory studies, Ph.D.
  4. Anuradha Sengar, (2012). Modelling Hindi intonation for speech synthesis, Ph.D.
  5. Shuo (Shannon) Wang , (2012). Lexical Tone Recognition in Mandarin: Normal-Hearing and Hearing-Impaired, Ph.D. (Associate Supervisor: Philip Newall)
  6. Victor Khachan, (2005). Vocal Behaviour as a Group Characteristic: A Socio-Acoustic Study across Four Villages in North Lebanon, Ph.D.
  7. Jing Wang, (2004). Rhythmic grouping, tone sandhi and stress in Beijing Mandarin. Ph.D.
  8. Michael Carey (2003) An L1-specific CALL pedagogy for the instruction of pronunciation with Korean learners of English, Ph.D.
  9. Cécile Pereira, (2001) Perception and expression of emotion in speech, Ph.D. (Associate Supervisor: Philip Newall)
  10. Kwok-Cheung Ho, (2001) A study of Cantonese speaking teachers’ acquisition of the pronunciation of Putonghua (Mandarin), Ph.D.
  11. Dong-Ki Kim (2001) Three-stage lexical access based on knowledge sources in very large vocabulary isolated word speech recognition, Ph.D.
  12. Lydia So, (1996) The acquisition of Cantonese phonology: Normal and Disordered, Ph.D.
  13. Pam Dawson, (1990) A training method for profoundly deaf children, M.A.(Hons)