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Department of Linguistics


Speech Audiometry

My involvement in speech audiometry projects has been mainly as a supervisor of postgraduate students. To date, I have had two students who have carried out projects designed to develop speech audiometry tests for speakers of Bahas Indonesia and Mandarin. Both students are co-supervised with Philip Newall. The students are:-

Dahlia Sartika: Dahlia carried out an initial pilot study in which she developed an initital version of "Indo-CHIPS" as her Master of Clinical Audiology project. She is now enroled in a Ph.D. and is continuiing that research. Indo-CHIPS is a speech audiometry test for young children who are native speakers of Bahasa Indonesia.

Wang Shuo (Shannon): Shannon previously carryied out a Master of Clinical Audiology project in which she is developed a speech audiometry test for native adult speakers of Mandarin. Her Ph.D. eximines spectral envelop and spectral fine structure and the perception of lexical tone by normal and hearing imapired native speakers of Mandarin. This project might possibly involve further development of speech audiometry tests that especially target tone perception (especially by people with cochlear implants).

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