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Department of Linguistics


Speech Perception Topics

  1. Speech Perception: Background and Some Classic Theories
  2. Vowel Perception in Australian English
  3. Resolving Vowel Formants in Australian English
  4. Consonant Perception
  5. Intelligibility
  6. Speech Perception and the Hearing Impaired
  7. Central Auditory Processing of Non-speech and Speech Sounds (Mannell, 1994, 2.4)
  8. Auditory Models of Speech Processing (Mannell, 1994, 2.4)
  9. Perception of Parametrically Scaled Speech (Mannell, 1994, 2.5)
  10. The Perceptual Consequences of Frequency and Time Domain Parametric Encoding in Automatic Analysis and Resynthesis of Speech

Psychoacoustics Topics

  1. Auditory processing and speech perception (Mannell, 1994, esp. 2.1 and 2.2)
  2. Theories of Hearing

Psychoacoustic Experimental Methodloogy

The following topics examine psychoacoustic experimental methodology. In particular they examine the effects of variations in experimental design on the experimental results. These topics provide additional reading of relevance to student psychoacoustics workshops.

  1. Pure Tone Frequency Discrimination
  2. Gap Detection Thresholds

You should also look at the Levitin article on psychoacoustic experimental methodology (see "readings" below).


  1. Levitin, D.J., "Experimental design in psychoacoustic research", in P.R. Cook (ed.) Music, cognition and computerized sound: An introduction to psychoacoustics, MIT Press, Cambrige Mass., 1999 (chapter 23)
  2. Moore, B.C.J., An Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing, 5th edition, Academic, 2003 (Psychoacoustics: chapters 2-5) (Speech Perception: chapter 88, pp 272-305)
  3. Mannell, R.H., "Auditory processing and speech perception", in Mannell, R.H., The Perceptual and Auditory Implications of Parametric Scaliing in Synthetic Speech, Ph.D. Dissertation, Macquarie University, 1994. (especially sections 2.1 and 2.2)