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A Bibliography of Readings on Speech Perception, Speech Audiometry and Intelligibiity Testing

Note: A large part of this bibliography is derived from a bibliography compiled by John Clark during the late 1980's. This bibliography is now quite dated and will hopefully be updated in the near future. Even in its present form, however, it provides references to many of the studies that have formed the basis of speech testing, whether that testing be of speech technology or of human hearing.

Students in SPH307 should note that this list does not represent required reading for this course. It has been supplied as a resource that you might find useful in the future.

Some Useful Books on Speech Perception or Hearing

Moore, B.C.J. (ed.) Frequency selectivity in hearing, Academic P., 1986

Moore, B.C.J. An introduction to the psychology of hearing, 4th edn., Academic, 1997

Moore, B.C.J. Perceptual consequences of cochlear damage, Oxford, 1995

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Sanders, D.A. Auditory Perception of Speech, Prentice-Hall, 1977.

Wever, E.G, Theory of hearing, Dover, 1970

General References on Speech Testing

Singh, S. Measurement Procedures in Speech, Hearing and Language, University Park Press, 1975

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Mackie, K.C. & Dermody, P.J., Word Intelligibility Tests in Audiology for the Assessment of Communication Adequacy, NAL Report No 89, 1982

Early Studies of Speech Intelligibility

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Factors Affecting Speech Intelligibility

a. Historical Perspective

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b. Speaker Characteristics

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c. Speech Waveform Distortion

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d. Speech Waveform Filtering

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e. Speech Waveform Masking

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f. Language and Context Factors

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g. Word Frequency and Familiarity Effects

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h. Test Protocol Considerations

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i. Listener Effects

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Intelligibility Test Materials

a. Linguistic Considerations in Test Materials

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b. PB Word Lists

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c. Rhyme Tests

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d. Other Word-Level Tests

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e. Sentence Tests

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f. Aspects of Continuous Speech Testing

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Test Scoring and Analysis Methods

a. Numerical and Statistical Considerations

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b. Phonological Analysis

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Journal Abbreviations

JASA Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
J.Phon. Journal of Phonetics
JSHR Journal of Speech and Hearing Research
JSHD Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
AUMLA Australian Universities Modern Languages Association