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Department of Linguistics


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The pages on this site cover various aspects of speech science, including phonetics and phonology, speech acoustics, speech physiology and speech sythesis. These pages also cover some hearing science related topics, particularly speech perception, auditory processing of speech and psychoacoustics. As a consequence it's essential that your system be properly set up to permit you to accurately read phonetic characters and to hear speech sounds. Additionally some topics also have illustrative movies and it's necessary to have the correct movie player installed on your system.

The materials on this site have been successfully tested on PCs running Windows XP and Windows Vista and on an Apple Macintosh running OS X (10.3 and higher). These materials have also been tested successfully on recent versions of Mozilla Firefox (tested Windows and Macintosh version) and Safari (tested Macintosh version only). Older versions of both operating systems and of various browsers all had issues viewing phonetic fonts. The older your operating system or browser the more likely you will have problems.

Unfortunately, we don't currently have any help pages for Linux (or similar operating systems). These help pages only support recent versions of MS Windows and Mac OS X.

Phonetic Fonts

It's essential that you install a good phonetic font on your system that will display phonetic characters without error. Some built in fonts that come supplied with your computer's operating system have errors displaying some phonetic characters. It is essential that you correctly install the recommended phonetic font and that you test that installation to ensure that it works properly. Click on the "Phonetic Fonts" link here, or in the menu to the left of this page, for instructions on how to install this font and how to create documents containing phonetic characters.

Internet browsers

Internet Explorer does not accurately display phonetic characters and should not be used for viewing this site. Click on the "Phonetic Fonts" link immediately above for instructions on which browsers to use and for instructions on how to get the recommended browsers.

Sound and Movies

Many of the pages on this site have attached sound files. Some of the pages on this site have attached movies. Click on the "Sound and Movies" page link here, or in the menu to the left of this page, for instructions on how to set up your computer to successfully play the sounds and movies.