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Department of Linguistics


Tech Info: Phonetic Fonts and Sound

Robert Mannell, 2012

Tech Info

There are two absolutely essential tasks that you need to complete before you attempt read the the unit web pages. They are:-

  1. Download and install the Charis SIL phonetic font and test it to determine if it has been installed correctly. To do this you should open and read all of the Phonetic Fonts pages reached via the left column menu/index. You can skip "Unicode & ASCII" unless you are interested in various technical issues about fonts, but you should read all of the other "Phonetic Fonts" pages.
  2. Ensure that you can hear sound files. On most Windows computers you will be able to hear sounds in unit web pages by simply clicking on a sound icon ( ) If you can't you will need to install a sound player that will play sound on web pages. If you have a Windows computer, the web version of Windows Media Player will most likely play the sound for you. Otherwise you might like to install Apple's Quicktime, which can play web based sound son either Windows or Apple computers. Click on the "Sound and Movies" tab in the left column menu/index for information on QuickTime.