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Department of Linguistics


An Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology

Version 4.0 (August, 2014)
Robert Mannell, Felicity Cox and Jonathan Harrington
© Department of Linguistics, Macquarie University, 2000-2014

Phonetics and Phonology Topics

Section A: Phonetics

  1. An Introduction to Speech Production
  2. Consonants
  3. Vowels
  4. Vowel Systems
  5. Airstream and Laryngeal Features in Speech Production
  6. Complex Articulations
  7. Coarticulation
  8. Impressionistic Studies of Australian English Phonetics
  9. General Phonetics Revision Exercises

Section B: Transcription

  1. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
  2. a. Phonemic (Broad) Transcription of Australian English
    b. Mitchell-Delbridge system of AE Phonemic Transcription
  3. Phonetic (Narrow) Transcription of Australian English
  4. Australian English Transcription Practice Exercises

Section C: Phonology

  1. Introduction to Phonology
  2. Phoneme and Allophone
  3. The Syllable and the Foot
  4. Distinctive Features
  5. Generative Phonology
  6. The Phonology of Intonation
  7. The Phonetics and Phonology of Australian Aboriginal Languages

Frequently Asked Questions

Which topics do I need to study?

This page contains links to the main topics in the Phonetics and Phonology on-line resource. Topics in this resource are used by students undertaking a number of units. Not all topics listed above will be required topics for your unit. To determine which topics are required by your unit, return to your unit's home page (via the Speech Resource Pages link in the left column) and go to your unit's topic outline page.

In what order should I study them?

For units with regular lectures, the topics should be studied in the order indicated in your unit's lecture and tutorial timetable pages. If you are doing a distance unit your unit guide will provide a topic reading schedule that aligns with the due dates for your assessment tasks.

How do I set up phonetic fonts and sound?

It is essential that you have the correct phonetic font and sound player installed and so that you can correctly view the phonetic characters and so you can hear the many speech files associated with much of this material. To find out how to do this go to the Speech Help Pages (see the link in the left column).

How do I reference these pages?

You may reference this web resource as follows:-

R. Mannell, F. Cox and J. Harrington (2014), An Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology, Macquarie University.

To the above, you should append (in brackets) the web address and the date that you accessed the pages.