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Department of Linguistics


Cineflouroscopy (X-ray Movies) of the Vocal Tract

This directory contains links to eight short x-ray movies, each of a single speaker of a British English dialect speaking a list of 63 words. Because of some errors in transferring these movies at least some words have been omitted from each of the videos. These videos have been made available on this web site but, because of their size, are really only suitable for people with a broadband connection.

Video Title Video Filename File Size
Vocal x-rays: Subject #1 6,985 kB
Vocal x-rays: Subject #2 7,405 kB
Vocal x-rays: Subject #3 9,307 kB
Vocal x-rays: Subject #4 9,926 kB
Vocal x-rays: Subject #5 4,503 kB
Vocal x-rays: Subject #6 9,533 kB
Vocal x-rays: Subject #7 7,957 kB
Vocal x-rays: Subject #8 9,398 kB

As a guide to assist you with your interpretation of these movies, the following figure has been produced which illustrates the various parts of the vocal tract for a single frame for subject #1. Apart from the problem of the image focus not always being optimal, the jaw and the upper teeth very often get in the way of a clear view of the tongue. With some practice, however, you should become quite adept following the movements of the tongue and velum. You watch the shapes of the tongue for alveolar consonants, velar consonants and for the various vowel phonemes. Also note lip movements for labials.

Figure 1. Guide to the position of the articulators for a frame taken from subject #1.