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Department of Linguistics

The Festival TTS System

Robert Mannell

Festival was developed at the Centre for Speech Technology Research (CSTR), University of Edinburgh, UK. The key Festival developers are currently located at CSTR and at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Pittsburgh, USA. They include Alan W Black (CMU), Rob Clark (CSTR) and Korin Richmond (CSTR). Festival, and its offshoot the Festvox project, continues to be developed at both sites. A much smaller Festival offshoot Flite is also being developed at CMU.

Students enrolled in SLP807 have been sent a CD-ROM with compiled Windows and Cygwin versions of Festival (complete except for the supported MBROLA voices). SLP807 students should install both supplied copies of Festival.

If you wish to download and compile Festival yourself, or you would like to download Festival for use on Linux or UNIX, or if (in the future) you want to download a new version then go to one of the following sites:-

The MBROLA voices, some of which can be added to Festival, can be found at:-

Festival Documentation

The following documentation is available on the SLP807 site. Additional documentation is available on the course CD-ROM. Some of these files are quite large and will be slow to download over a narrowband internet connection.

a) Festival Documentation

b) Scheme Documentation

Scheme is a dialect of the Lisp programming language and is used in the main Festival interface. The Festival Tutorial and Documentation provide most of what you need to know, but you may also like to examine the following document to obtain a more in-depth view of this language.

c) Sable Documentation

Sable can be used in Sable XML documents that are read and interpreted by Festival. This document provides an overview of Sable. Some Sable examples are given in a web page by Alan Black (see below).