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Department of Linguistics

MU-Talk: Grapheme-to-Phoneme Module

Robert Mannell

An ideal grapheme-to-phoneme (GTP) conversion system would be likely to have the following modules (illustrated in figure 1):

  1. GTP Dictionary
  2. Affix Processor
  3. Compound Word Processor (not currently implemented in MU-Talk)
  4. GTP rules
  5. Stress Rules

For an overview of the early development (mid-1980's) of the GTP modules of the SHLRC TTS system, read the following article. It provides a useful overview of many GTP features that have been retained in the MU-Talk TTS system:

Text-To-Speech Rule and Dictionary Development (Mannell & Clark, 1987)

Figure 1:The components of a grapheme-to-phoneme conversion module.