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Department of Linguistics

The MU-Talk Text-to-Speech System

Robert Mannell

There are a number of pages on this site that provide an overview of the MU-Talk Text-to_Speech (TTS) system. This system is NOT intended as a commercial speech synthesis platform but rather is intended to serve as a research and learning/teaching platform.

This system is based on many years of speech synthesis work in the Linguistics Department at Macquarie University, in the now defunct Speech Hearing and Language Research Centre (SHLRC) and in the current Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS). This work has been based on the efforts of many people but originates particularly in the work of John Clark on a formant synthesis-by-rule system known as SID. Some of that history can be found by clicking on the "History of Synthesis" link on the left of this page (that page is still under development, but it should be more complete some time early in 2010).

Once you enter these pages, you can navigate around them using the MU-Talk menu in the left column of each page.

  1. Introduction
  2. Input
  3. Text Preprocessor
  4. Grammar & Semantics
  5. Grapheme_to_Phoneme
    1. Overview
    2. Dictionary
    3. Affixes
    4. Rules
    5. Stress
  6. Connected Speech
  7. Prosody
  8. Context Sensitive Rules
  9. Diphones
    1. Overview
    2. Formant SBR and Concatenation
    3. Formant Parameters
    4. Channel Diphones
  10. Synthesiser