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Department of Linguistics

LING111 Language: Its Structure and Use

Phonetics Assignment - 2014

In this exercise you will transcribe a set of words and a sentence using the phonemic transcription techniques that have been introduced in tutorials. The set of phonemic symbols can be found on the inside front cover of Fromkin et al (2012) (7th Edition only) and also in Table 6.1 on page 198. You must use the Harrington, Cox and Evans vowel symbols from the IPA that are provided in these tables. There is also a list of symbols with illustrative audio here.

You can only complete this assignment successfully by listening to the sound files below. Do not use a dictionary to look up the words because the speaker may have produced the words differently from the dictionary form. The speaker may use rapid speech so you will have to listen very carefully.

Click here for information on how to create electronic documents with the correct font and symbols.

There is a set of practice sentences with solutions available here and a set of practice words here.



Transcribe the following words and sentence spoken by the Australian English speaking people in the audio files below. The speakers use a casual informal manner. You are not required to add stress marks.

Each transcribed word or full sentence must be enclosed in slant brackets to indicate the phonemic nature of the transcription. Do not use punctuation.

Click on the links below to hear each recording.

1. Words (1 mark each)

  1. museum
  2. manufacture
  3. adapt
  4. hinges
  5. only
  6. graph
  7. cousin
  8. thunder
  9. tackle
  10. caterpillar
  11. porcupine
  12. poor
  13. France
  14. chicken
  15. caulifower

2. Sentence (5 marks)

'The Sound of Music' is a film which centres on the war-time experiences of the Von Trapp family.