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LING111 Language: Its Structure and Use
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Sentence Transcription Practice Exercises

The sentences below are given to provide you with practice at transcription. The symbols to use are those that have been presented in lectures and are available here.

Information about adding phonetic characters to electronic documents can be found here.


Transcribe the following short sentences spoken by an Australian English speaking person using a casual informal manner. Pay particular attention to how the words are pronounced in the continuous flow of the sentence.

Each transcribed sentence must be enclosed in slant brackets to indicate the phonemic nature of the transcription.

Click on each of the links below to hear each recording. Click here for the transcription solution.

  1. This year the bulldogs lost.
  2. He was used to it.
  3. Shirley longed for a cup of tea.
  4. The policeman didn't recognise her.
  5. What'll the doctor ask her next.
  6. It was just like the good old days.
  7. Next Christmas should be hot and dry.
  8. She scanned the invertebrates with great curiosity.
  9. I was bitten by the nasty dog which keeps guard of our neighbour's house.
  10. That invitation will do just nicely.