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Department of Linguistics

LING333: Australian English

Assessment, 2013

As the assessment materials become available for the assessment tasks below they will appear here as links in the following table.

  Assessment Name Due Date
Project Proposal 22nd March, 2013
Reading Assignment 29th April , 2013
Tutorial Presentation Weeks 7-11
Individual contribution report 7th June, 2013
Group project 7th June, 2013
Seminar attendance and online contribution 7th June, 2013

Completion of All Assessment Tasks

It is a requirement of this unit that students complete all assessment tasks. Failure to complete all assessment tasks will result in failure in the whole unit even if the marks on the completed tasks add up to more than 50%.
Any request for extension must be provided in writing to the unit convenor before the assignment deadline.
Students must keep a copy of each assignment as proof that it was completed and submitted in the event that a submitted assignment is misplaced or damaged.

Assignment Submission

Written assignments and reports must be submitted via ilearn. Support materials and portfolios may be handed in to the Faculty undergraduate office in C3A. All assignments must include the Linguistics Department Cover sheet.

Return of Marked Assignments

Students’ marked assignments will, in general, be returned to them within 3 to 5 weeks of submission. Please note that assignments cannot be accepted after the return of marked materials.

Total Unit Marks and Standardised Numerical Grades (SNG)

It is most important that you clearly understand the distinction between the raw marks that you are given for each assessment and the final, official, Standardised Numerical Grades (SNG) that you receive at end of each semester. You may find that your SNG is not identical to your total raw mark and that your grade is not what you might have expected. Click here for further information.

Experimental Participation

Experimental participation MAY be offered to LING333 students in 2013.

Students may be offered the opportunity to participate in a one hour experimental session for 5% unit credit. Students who choose to participate in an experiment will have their final mark calculated by first adjusting their final mark to a mark out of 95 and then having 5 marks added to this adjusted mark. Experimental participation is entirely optional and students who choose to not participate will retain the mark out of 100 that they have obtained for their unit assessment.

Students should note that only participation in experiments designated as LING333 experiments will be counted for this unit. Students will be informed of the timetable for experimental participation sessions later in the semester.