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Department of Linguistics

LING333: Australian English

Individual Contribution

The individual contribution report (including portfolio) is a reflective piece from each group member on the processes involved and the group work conducted to achieve the end product. The portfolio contains memos, observational data, meeting minutes, journal entries, reflections etc. and must be presented along with the report. This assessment task addresses generic skills outcomes 1, 2, 3. The individual group members are responsible for negotiating and managing the roles of the individuals and evaluating the success of the group and the individuals in achieving their goal. The individual contribution report is confidential.


Maximum 1000 words not including portfolio.


The aims of the individual contribution report are to:

  • critically reflect on the merits of the group processes involved in conducting the research, writing the report and presenting the work to the class.
  • evaluate the performance of the group. Criteria for evaluation include:
    • Relevance/pertinence of the research.
    • Innovation in conducting and presenting the project.
    • Commitment to the project
  • evaluate the contribution of the group members.
    • Comment on each member’s performance according to the following criteria:
      • commitment to the project
      • contribution to:
        • the group dynamic
        • the process
        • the written report
        • the presentation
    • In addition, give each group member a score out of 10 based on the above criteria
  • assist in overcoming the potential for inequities to occur when equal marks are given for unequal contributions


The assessment of individual contribution is given on a scale from 1 to 15 and is based on

  • examination of all the individual contribution reports for a particular group and how each member is self assessed and evaluated by their peers
  • each student's ability to reflect upon and evaluate individual and group performance.

The assessment is not a mark for the Individual Contribution Report itself.