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Department of Linguistics

LING333: Australian English

Project Proposal

The project proposal is a brief statement from each individual group member outlining the proposed research project. See the Group Project page for details of the group project.

The project proposal must be submitted in Word via ilearn. The due date is the end of week 4 and the proposal is worth 10% of the final mark for the unit. There is a strict word limit of 500 words not including references or tables.

The following components must be included in your proposal:

  • title of the project
  • names of group members and roles
  • a clear set of aims for the research
  • the general question(s) you want to ask
  • an outline of the design of the study and how this will help to achieve your aims
  • an outline of the various components that will be required to fulfill the task
  • some attempt to outline the theoretical framework for the project identified through your library research
  • a statement showing that ethical issues have been considered

The Project Proposal specifically addresses learning outcomes 5 and 7 and generic skills outcomes 1, 2 and 4.