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Department of Linguistics

SPH308: Speech Physiology

Availability: D2 X2
Credit Points: 3
Convenors: Robert Mannell and Felicity Cox

Aims and Outcomes

The objectives of this unit are to introduce students to the physiology of speech and the research techniques used in physiological investigation. The unit consists of a combination of lectures, tutorials and workshops. Topics covered in the lectures include respiratory physiology and anatomy, laryngeal anatomy, phonation, articulatory anatomy and physiology, articulatory investigative techniques, and the neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of speech and language. Workshop topics include speech breathing, laryngography, kinematic investigations, electropalatography, and nasality.

Main SPH308 Site

These pages provide information for prospective students, but this is not the official unit site. Enrolled students, are able to obtain access to the official SPH308 site via iLearn at the start of the semester in which the unit runs. Only enrolled students have access to that site.