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Department of Linguistics

SPH308: Speech Physiology

Topics and Timetable

Lecture Topics

The following topics are covered in this unit. Most of these topics span more than one week of lectures. Each of these links will take you to various resources for each of these topics. The exact dates of these lectures, and related workshops, are available to enrolled students at the start of semester on iLearn.

  Respiratory Anatomy and Physiology
  Laryngeal Anatomy
  Laryngeal Physiology: Phonation
  Articulatory Anatomy and Physiology   
  Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology
FC = Felicity Cox
RM = Robert Mannell

Speech Physiology Web Resources

Click here to go to the home page of the Speech Physiology web resources


There will typically be two laboratory workshops run during the semester. These workshops must be attended by all enrolled internal students. External students who live locally may also attend if they wish. Various resources (e.g. workshop movies) will be made available to all students. Whilst each workshop typically spans more than one week, each student is only required to attend once for each workshop topic.