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Department of Linguistics

SPH399: Acoustics of Speech

Availability: DX2
Credit Points: 3

Felicity Cox and Robert Mannell

Unit Aims and Outcomes

This unit commences with an introduction to general acoustics, focusing particularly on the phenomenon of resonance. This is followed by an examination of the Acoustic Theory of Speech Production, which describes the interaction between vocal sound sources and the resonant or filtering effects of different vocal articulations. The unit examines the acoustics of vowels and consonants, voice quality and prosody (intonation and stress). The unit combines lectures with practical laboratory exercises. At the successful completion of this section of the unit you should be familiar with the following topics:-

  • Speech waveforms
  • Acoustic analysis of sound
  • Acoustic representations of speech
  • Acoustic theory of speech production
  • Vowel Acoustics
  • Consonant Acoustics
  • The acoustics of coarticulation
  • The acoustic correlates of prosody