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Department of Linguistics

SPH399: Acoustics of Speech

Reading List

Your main reading material should be the Speech Acoustics Resource Pages on this web site. Read these materials first and then read the materials in the text or in other books.

Clark, J., Yallop, C. & Fletcher, J. (2007), An introduction to phonetics and phonology, (3rd Edition), Oxford:Blackwell (especially Chapter 7, "The Acoustics of Speech Production" ... or the equivalent chapter in the 2nd edition, in the library)

Fry, D.B. (1979) The Physics of Speech, Cambridge UP: Cambridge, (QP306.F8/1979)

Harrington J. & Cassidy S. (1999) Techniques in Speech Acoustics, Kluwer: Dordrecht, especially chapters 1-4. (P221.5.H37/1999)

Ladefoged, P. (1962) Elements of Acoustic Phonetics, U. Chicago Press: Chicago (QP306.L33)

Stevens, K. N. (1998) Acoustic phonetics, MIT Press: Cambridge (P221.5 .S74)

Johnson, K. (1997) Acoustic and auditory phonetics, Blackwell: Cambridge (P221.5 .J64/1997)

Kent, R. D. & Read, C. (2002) Acoustic Analysis of Speech. Singular: Albany